Yad Vashem's "Book of Names" is a haunting reminder of the ultimate effects of antisemitism.

December 2022

November newsletter (two weeks late)

October 2022

In this issue: Self-harm on Twitter, campus culture, and Ye for antisemitism

August 2022

Tenure is meaningless. Academia has been captured by ideology. Teenagers are unwell. Is there any hope?

July 2022

Meanwhile, the case of Ilya Shapiro is a bad sign for free speech, the legal profession, and the future of higher education

June 2022

Georgetown learns to count, new surveys reveal the state of free speech among students, "Kids and Gender Roundtable" is available on YouTube, and FIRE…

April 2022

Corinna Cohn thinks young people should wait until adulthood before making the decision to transition

March 2022

How one organization bucked the trend of institutional distrust.

February 2022

Should Whoopi Goldberg have been suspended?

January 2022

What are you grateful for? And do you have a New Year's resolution?

October 2021

New date & time: 7pm Tuesday, Oct. 19
Legendary TV director Jay Sandrich will be remembered for more than his body of work.