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Behavioral science (MPH-UCLA 1994) is my discipline. I believe that I was “vaccinated” against the tribal effect. My undergrad was Biology. My graduate program worshipped quantitative research. Then, I worked in IT for the last 22 years of my work career. We witches retire at age 55, (SF DPH). IT is about pure logic at each step with brutal and often immediate computer punishment for non-logic.

In 2019; when DEI program began to replace my science stories with non-science propaganda, I thought I would bark like a guard dog and the PhDs would respond by fixing the problem. But, they were blind and deaf to DEI criticism. So, I self-assigned myself the role of security guard to protect my behavioral science library.

In 2023 October; I postal mailed 50 governors arguing that DEI in Gov is not legal and advised that DEI be abolished by Dec 31, 2023. I informed them about IBT and pediatric-Trans, (below).

I expose the fact that City-Gov DEI in 100 cities has refused to be transparent since 2018. I will soon read “Due Process” - Springer so that I can challenge SF-Gov and CA-Gov accordingly.

On declining credibility within behavioral health, I informed the APA that I discovered that Implicit Bias Test (IBT) captures Left/Right hand dominance at keyboard. No response. I have been informing some parents that no psychological assessment exists to capture Trans.

Haidt is one of my heroes.

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