Critical Race Theory is Back in the News

Lawsuits are proliferating, including one alleging institutional antisemitism at Stanford University.

Lawsuits in VirginiaCalifornia, and Nevada allege that courses, programs, and policies steeped in Critical Race Theory (CRT) are leading to unconstitutional discrimination and the abrogation of free speech rights.

On such suit illustrates the ways in which a CRT-infused ideology has negative implications for professional ethics in mental health professions. I wrote about it for Psychology Today. (You can read the article here.)

Meanwhile, several states are attempting to pass laws to ban CRT in schools. In response, a diverse slate of thinkers recently co-authored an opinion editorial in the New York Times offering a non-ideological argument for allowing CRT to be taught. A few days earlier, I offered my own argument in Psychology Today. (You can read that article here.)

Stay tuned for more updates!